Bisoca Traditional Cottage Bisoca Traditional Cottage

Distance to next airport: Bucharest Otopeni 180 Km

Distance to next train station: Buzau 60 Km

Distance to next motorway: Urziceni 180 Km

Distance to the sea: Black Sea 200 or more Km

The small village is spread on 60 square km located at 800-900 m altitude near Carpathians Mountains, at 190 km from Bucharest, 60 km from Buzau.

The closet village is 15 km away.

The village is the best example for un-touched area by civilization, the vegetation and fauna are excellent preserved. There is also a protected area due to 5 spectacular lakes from the forests of fir tree and black pine. The forests housing dears, bears, wolves, martens and lots of birds.

The traditions are also well preserved, the inhabitants produces in their own farms natural food and also what else they need. The most common mean of transport is the cart with oxen.

There are also a few shops where you can find a small range of products.

The cottage is located at 150 m from the County Road, in the middle of an 7000 sqm property, shadowed by apple trees, old walnut tree orchard, plum trees.

The cottage is built in a traditional way from wood and is connected to electricity and water

You can easily reach the following interesting attractions:

Vulcanii noroiosi Focul viu (Muddy Volcanoes active fire)

Lacul din Sari, Lacul Limpede, Lacul Negru, Lacul cel adanc (Lakes in the Forest area)

Bisoca, Curcubata, Piatra Catelei, Martinu and Draganu Peaks

Manastirea Poiana Marului si Gavanele Sanctum ( covent) sec VII

Rezervatie naturala de pin negru (pinus nigra) Largest Pinus Nigra natural reservation in Europe

The Salt Walls cut by the Purcelu River (Salt Gorges)